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Who We Are

The Santa Fe Art Colony Tenants Association is a collective of the Art Colony’s artist residents, united to support the preservation and permanent affordability of this historic artist live-work property in Downtown Los Angeles.

For over 30 years, the Santa Fe Art Colony has played a critical role in shaping LA’s cultural landscape. Established in 1986 with public funding, it is LA’s only rent-restricted Artist-in-Residence complex. Its historic brick factory buildings house around 72 intergenerational and ethnically diverse fine artists (painters, sculptors, etc.). Annual Open Studios have attracted tens of thousands of visitors — a beloved tradition that provides continuous outreach and education to the public.

Our Fight
The SFAC Tenants Association is fighting to save the Art Colony — a vital live/work community in DTLA. The new owner, Florida-based Fifteen Group, has announced plans to double the rents on November 1, 2019, effectively evicting the artists. The Tenants Association has boldly made a purchase bid — its right under California’s Affordable Housing Preservation Law — to keep rents affordable and preserve this important cultural institution for current and future artists. Unfortunately, Fifteen Group has not engaged in negotiations regarding this purchase offer. It’s urgent to bring the owner to the table by October 31 to negotiate a sale.

We need to raise $75,000 to cover the costs of our fight, such as legal fees and the hiring of critical personnel to support the Tenants Association through this crucial, final stage of our campaign. If you believe in the arts, in the impact that artists make in our community and in preserving affordable housing in Los Angeles, please support us by donating to our cause and sharing this appeal with your network. Every penny will help!


Artists’ Last Stand
The last large group of artists left in LA’s Arts District is hanging on by a thread.
Over the last decade, the Arts District — a once-thriving community of 1,800 fine artists — has been decimated by catastrophic rent increases. There are almost no artists left.  SFAC represents the “artists’ last stand.”

 Does the City really need more luxury lofts in the middle of a housing crisis, at the cost of destroying an irreplaceable cultural institution? No! Do we need affordable live/work spaces for artists of modest means? Yes!

Historically Significant
The Los Angeles Conservancy recently nominated the Santa Fe Art Colony buildings for Historic-Cultural Monument designation, which states that the 1916 property is significant not only for its architecture but also for its historic uses — the most recent being the Art Colony. The nomination affirms the value of artist live/work communities and the cultural importance of working fine artists. It also protects the property against development during the lengthy confirmation process.

SFAC is important as a precedent and a model for the future. Created with public dollars, it expresses LA’s commitment to providing affordable artist housing for the good of the City. Most LA artists struggle financially, but their work feeds and supports a huge economic engine. SFAC is a significant part of LA’s artistic legacy and is firmly placed in the history of Los Angeles as an important cultural incubator. It has contributed to the renaissance of DTLA and the current prestige of our city worldwide.

How much money is needed?
We need to raise $75,000 by October 31st to support our fight to #saveSFAC!

How will your donations be used?

●      Work being done on our behalf by Safer DIY Spaces, a nonprofit that assists artist communities to secure long-term stability by locating affordable housing purchase partners and consulting on public and political outreach.

●      Legal fees for purchase negotiation and application for IRS tax-exempt status.

●      Public relations, political organizer/outreach assistance and related expenses.

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